About me

Welcome to my website

I’m Vikes, UI/UX designer with over 8 years of experience.

I really like my profession. It was my dream and I’m so happy to be in it.

Design is style of my life. I get used to notice and feel all details around me. I pay attention to every color, logotype, fonts, backgrounds, photos and I accumulate them. This habit works automatically and really helps me in my job.

I like to visit beautiful places, new cities, galleries for inspirations. But sometimes I can get some inspiration in early and empty morning. It doesn’t matter. It is just abstraction but in my opinion all around us is full of energy. We just can take some energy from the world, change it and give it  back in other form.

(I’ll write more information here soon..)

Don’t forget to be awesome! Travel often. Life begins beyond of your comfort zone.

Good luck!